Choirokoitia Archaeological Site (Neolithic Settlement)

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    For organised groups consisting of more than 10 persons there is a 20% reduction on the entry fees.
    The Department of Antiquities can issue special entry cards for all its museums and ancient monuments: One (1) day entry cards - €8,50, three (3) day entry cards - €17,00, seven (7) day entry cards - €25,00.

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    September 16 - April 15, daily: 08:15 - 16:30
    April 16 - September 15, daily: 08:15 - 19:30

    All year round.
    Closed on Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and Easter Sunday (Greek Orthodox).

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The archaeological site of Choirokoitia stands as an exceptionally well-preserved Neolithic Age settlement, earning its rightful place as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998.

Throughout the settlement, one can find remains from various stages of the Neolithic Age, offering valuable insights into the ancient living conditions of the region and the widespread influence of Neolithic culture across the area.

As a tribute to the past, five characteristic cylindrical-shaped dwellings have been meticulously reconstructed close to the original settlement. These reconstructions faithfully replicate the construction techniques and materials utilized during Neolithic times. Inside, replicas of household objects found within the original dwellings provide a vivid glimpse into life as it once was. Surrounding the dwellings, the vegetation comprises native plants and trees that have thrived in Cyprus since the Neolithic era.

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