About Us

Who we are

We are a team of creatives, software engineers and techies, but most importantly we are a group of culture-lovers living in the small Mediterranean island of Cyprus. During the day, we design, develop and launch digital products in a wide range of industries, helping digitalise businesses and organisations.

The birth of CultureSpot

We always had a hard time finding information about the numerous museums and cultural attractions around our island. From simple information, such as opening times to actually finding new places to explore, it was always a struggle to find complete and up to date information.

As any tech team that respects themselves would do in this situation, we decided to build what we were missing. Having designed and developed a number of award-winning digital culture online platforms, we also have the street cred to show for. So, we took some time off from working on client projects, and CultureSpot was born.


What is CultureSpot?

CultureSpot is an online directory for all museums and cultural attractions in Cyprus. It is a community driven directory that aims to become the most comprehensive, complete, and up to date directory in Cyprus. We search and find all available information for museums, archeological sites and other cultural attractions, and we make them easily accessible through our online directory.

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