Local Archaeological Museum of Ancient Idalion

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    Dali, Nicosia

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    Free Admission

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    Monday - Thursday: 08:30 - 16:00
    Friday: 08:30 - 15:30
    Closed on weekends.

    All year round.
    Closed on Public Holidays.

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In 2007, the Local Museum of Ancient Idalion was established with the primary purpose of showcasing and promoting the abundant historical discoveries from the Idalion region (Dali). Additionally, it was designed to serve as a Visitor Centre for the nearby archaeological site.

The museum's exhibits offer a comprehensive representation of the chronological phases of Idalion's history. These artifacts originate from both ancient and more recent excavations carried out in the area, encompassing both settlements and burial grounds.

The first exhibition hall is dedicated to the history of the site and the excavation process, accompanied by photographs of significant finds that are presently housed in foreign museums. It also features a diverse range of other exhibits. Moving on, the second gallery displays inscriptions that provide evidence of the kingdom's conquest, as well as a portion of the archive of the Phoenician administration of the city. The museum further showcases funerary monuments, various types of pottery and everyday objects spanning different time periods, imported pottery, and characteristic examples of clay and stone statuary.

According to local legend, Dali is the site where the jealous Olympian God of War, Aris, killed Adonis, who was Aphrodite's beloved.

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