Fassoula Agricultural Museum

  • Location

    Fassoula village, 10,5km north of Limassol

  • Tickets

    Free Admission

  • Opening Times

    Only by prior appointment.

    All year round.
    Closed on Public Holidays.

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The Fassoula Agricultural Museum is located in a classic rural dwelling situated in the charming village of Fassoula. Within its walls, visitors can explore a fascinating collection of agricultural implements, including a plough, yoke, scythe, and earthenware jars. These tools were once indispensable for daily tasks and served as vessels for storing wine or olive oil during a bygone era.

The origins of the village itself can be traced back to the Middle Ages, as evidenced by its depiction on ancient maps of Cyprus under the names 'Fasula' or 'Phasula'. It is widely believed that the village derived its name from the Frankish term 'fasoula', which refers to the indispensable harvesting tool, the scythe.

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