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Nicosia's New Cyprus Museum: A Landmark of European Cultural Heritage


In a historic moment for Cyprus, the government has unveiled plans for the construction of the new Cyprus Museum, a prestigious cultural endeavor that will showcase the island's rich heritage. With an impressive budget of €144 million, the museum is set to become one of Europe's finest, promising to be a landmark destination for locals and tourists alike.


The ambitious project, spearheaded by Minister of Communications and Works, Yiannis Karousos, is a key highlight of the government's 2023 budget. In an official statement, Karousos expressed his excitement, calling it a momentous day for the country's cultural heritage. The new museum is envisioned to be a reference point for tourists, offering a comprehensive and captivating experience of Cyprus's historical legacy.

Designed on an expansive plot of 40,000 sqm opposite the House of Representatives, the museum will boast a total area of 30,000 sqm. Among its grand features, there will be permanent exhibition spaces covering 5,500 sqm, showcasing approximately 6,500 antiquities. Additionally, the museum will house 1,000 sqm of space for periodical exhibitions, educational programs, maintenance workshops spread over 2,000 sqm, and an underground parking facility.

To ensure the safekeeping of the precious artifacts, the new Cyprus Museum will include a substantial 5,000 sqm area for antiquities warehouses. Moreover, visitors will have access to amenities like a restaurant, cafeteria, library, auditorium, offices, and an art shop. The incorporation of extensive landscaping will enhance the overall visitor experience, making it not only a cultural hub but also an architectural marvel.

The prestigious construction contract, valued at €143,924,216 (including VAT), has been awarded to the consortium "Iacovou - Cyfield (M) Joint Venture." The construction is scheduled to commence in January, and the project aims to be completed within 42 months. Furthermore, a two-year maintenance period has been stipulated in the contract, along with provisions for negotiating a 10-year maintenance plan.

The meticulous planning process involved an architectural competition and a detailed study of the project. The architectural firm, Theoni Xanthi XZA Architects LLC, played a significant role in the preparation of tender documents. The Department of Public Works will oversee the coordination, supervision, and management of the project.

Once construction concludes, an 18-month period is allocated for the transportation and installation of the exhibits, culminating in the grand opening of the Museum. Therefore, visitors can expect to explore the captivating halls of the new Cyprus Museum within a span of 60 months.

Anticipated to be a preeminent cultural reference point for Cyprus and a major player in the European museum landscape, the new Cyprus Museum stands as a symbol of the nation's commitment to preserving its rich history and cultural heritage for generations to come. As the construction progresses, excitement builds among locals and the international community, eagerly awaiting the unveiling of this grand cultural treasure in the heart of Nicosia.



Source:Financial Mirror